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Syrup Products

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This is the sugar shanty 

It's the place that creates the magic of turning the maple sap into "the liquid gold" syrup through a long slow boiling process.  It takes a special

person to have the patience

to be a boiler.

We only use certified organic maple syrup from:
Adirondack Sugarworks
6360 Lingerlong Pond Rd.
Glenfield, NY  13343

Adirondack Sugarworks is a certified organic operation owned by Ben Bradish. His 5,400 taps are all on tubing under vacuum. Sap is collected both by tubing direct to the sugarhouse and with a 1,175 gallon tank on a trailer. The sap is concentrated with RO (reverse osmosis) then boiled in a LaPierre Force 5, 5’x14’ wood-fired evaporator with an automatic draw-off. Finished syrup is run through a filter press and stored in stainless steel drums. He made 3,185 gallons last year using about 9 cords of firewood. Syrup is canned in plastic and glass and is sold retail at roadside stands, stores and tourist attractions. Ben’s organic syrup is also sold wholesale to organic oriented stores and restaurants.  Ben has upgraded his system and business this year.

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Available Sizes:

8 oz = 1/2 pt = $7.00

16 oz = 1 pt = $13.00

32 oz = 1 qt = $23.00

64 oz = 1/2 gal = $45.00

128 oz = 1 gal = $80.00


Decorative glass syrup bottles are here and styles depending on availability.

Decorative Glass
250mL    $9.00
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Whiskey Flask
 100mL   $5.00

These adorable party favor samplers are safe food grade

plastic and sealed with a tamper resistant screw top.  Each bottle holds 50mL of our liquid gold.  Are you getting married or throwing a special celebration or shower - consider the special memories these favors would bring.  Contact us for pricing.

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cabin bottle_edited.png

Ingredients: Pure Organic

Maple Syrup & Amish

Sweet Cream Butter

Organic Maple Butter

This is a delicious sweet creamy spread to put on bagels, toast, biscuits, pancakes, french toast, waffles, or use your imagination. 

Hint: Try dipping pretzels, YUM!

4 oz. = $6.00
8 oz. = $10.00
Maple Mustard
This healthy unique recipe can be used as a sauce, dip, or spread.  Try dipping some pretzels, dip your veggies or chicken strips and nuggets, use it in on sandwiches, or my favorite is grilling some steaks coated with our maple mustard.  Makes my mouth water thinking about it.  The mustard starts with an unmistakable light spicy mustard flavor that ends with the sweet maple tones.

Ingredients: Pure Organic

Maple Syrup, Organic Vinegar, Organic Yellow Mustard, Organic Dijon Mustard, Seasoning Blend

8 oz. = $6.00
12 oz. = $8.00
maple sugar.jpg
6 oz. = $8.00
12 oz. = $16.00
Maple Sugar & Sugar Cakes
These two very special sweet treats are made by boiling the syrup to the state of sugar and forming it.
Sugarcakes  $1.00
Maple Vinaigrette
A light marinade, a special dressing, or use as a sauce. Our favorite is using it with our stir fries, the best ever.

Ingredients: Pure Organic

Maple Syrup, Organic Vinegar, Extra Light Virgin Olive Oil, & Seasoning Blend

6 oz. = $5.00
12 oz. = $10.00
8 oz. = $7.00
Ham Glaze
Is there anything nicer than serving up a wonderful aromatic baked ham with a beautiful caramelized glaze.  Our glaze combines just enough spice and sweetness to really make the flavor of the ham sing.

Ingredients: Pure Organic

Maple Syrup, Pineapple, Brown Sugar, Dry Mustard, All-Spice, Cinnamon, & Cloves

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