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Miscellaneous Wood Products

This section is devoted to many specialized requests that Mark has created in his shop.  From barn doors to counter tops, you'll find a wide variety of items.  These items aren't for sale but are posted to help give you a sampling of the many wood options that can be custom built.


This is our home that we built.  We didn't hire it built, WE built it.  We cleared the land, cut trees down, sawed them into lumber, machined them into what they were to become, finished them and built this beautiful home board by board.

This is a Redwood table with a tile top insert.  This table is used outside.  It has and will continue to remain in wonderful condition. 

This table is ~2'X2'X3'H

This is an extra special hat rack Mark built for his Mother after his Father was called home by our savior.  Pa was seldom seen without his hat and it now has a place of honor at Ma's place.

Mark has built many custom mantles and this is the one with its phone style brackets is the beauty he crafted for our house. 

This is a cherry casket / boot chest that Mark was hired to build for a very special couple.  The inside is lined with an insulation wrap with room for dry ice layer.  The couple used it as a boot chest until the wife was called home.  She was laid out in the casket and transported to her final destination for science.  The casket then became a boot chest again until it is needed as a casket again.

This is a custom built chestnut table that Mark built for a client.  Everyone has heard the saying that a picture doesn't do it justice.  This statement holds true for this rustic designed table.  It has nice blocky legs supporting the thick top which still has visible saw marks and contrasting doweled breadboard ends.  

This is a custom built video stand that Mark built for our living room. It is a solid oak - one of a kind creation that has shelves and tray pullouts for all our VHS movies, CD's, and DVD's and look at all the character in that wonderful top.

This is a pantry

Made of pine with punched copper door panels.  Inside there is a center shelving section that hides a cold air return duct, accompanied by two full length pullouts, and additional door storage.  Every inch of space has been turned into usable storage area, and as you can tell, it is being well used.

Custom built countertop with and without the sink in place.

A ceiling medallion that is centered in the room with the timbers joining at the medallion center.

pine door.jpg

Mark has built many stairways.  He has done straight hardwood stairways to stairways to be carpeted, plain landings to elaborate grand piano landings, railings with wood pickets and others with metal designer pickets, and all forms of newel posts and rosettes.

This is a custom built rustic pine closet door that a client ordered and was thrilled with the end product.    

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